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Commercial Massage Chair Electric 3d Full Body Luxury Vending Massage Chairs Near Me WJ-BSL-02

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Treat yourself to an invigorating massage with our state-of-the-art coin-operated massage chair. Featuring 3D zero-gravity technology and 8 massage points that target the neck, back, and waist, this chair provides a deep tissue massage experience. The S-track system with a 3D mechanical arm kneads, taps, and presses your muscles from your neck down to your waist. The chair also includes air pressure massage for your shoulders, arms, hips, thighs, and calves, and vibration massage for the back cushion. Customers can enjoy a free trial of 10-20 seconds before inserting coins to activate the massage function. The armrest is equipped with buttons for adjusting the chair's height, angle, intensity, and pause, as well as a USB port for phone charging. Additionally, the chair features a built-in alarm to remind customers to pay before using the massage function. The iron cash box provides easy and safe coin collection.

Parameters of Full Body Massage Chair WJ-BSL-02

1. With alarm clock function, when customers sit down and fail to pay, they will be reminded to deposit money.

2. Experience function: Massage function is available without paying for the first 10 or 20 seconds to arouse customers' desire to pay for massage.

3. There are buttons on the armrest to control the lifting, tilt, adjustment and suspension of the massage chair, as well as USB phone charging interface.

4. The iron money box is safe and easy to take out and put in.

5. You can set your own massage time, when you want to change the massage price.

6.APP Management Revenue View revenue in real time

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