Basic massage chair

Full Body Luxury Leather 3d 4d Electric Zero Gravity Massage Chair WJ-ET-01

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Owning a massage chair can bring you many benefits. First of all, massage can relieve physical fatigue, eliminate muscle soreness, and promote blood circulation in the body, thereby improving your physical health and immunity. Second, massage can help you relax, relieve tension, and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Finally, massage can improve your work and life efficiency and make you feel better physically and mentally.

Parameters of Massage Chair WJ-ET-01

Product Size112cm * 76cm * 105cm
Classification of physiotherapy methodsInfrared
Gross Weight65KG
Net Weight57KG
Bearing capacity200kg
MaterialSoftly PU leather
Recommended height150-200cm
HeatingWaist Calf Heating
RollerFoot roller scraping

Details of Massage Chair WJ-ET-01

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