Basic massage chair

Basic Massage Chair WJ-ET-10

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Features of Full Body Massage Chair WJ-ET-10

1. Full back covering stretch massage. Intelligent AI adjustment system, multi part syrchronous massage, no omission.

2. AI intelligent voice control for instant enjoyment.

3. Perfect combination of 20 modes meet the different massage needs of you and your family.

4. LCD large screen panel.One touch for rich functions. High grade fashion, easy operation, suitable for all ages.

Parameters of Full Body Massage Chair WJ-ET-10

Product NameBody Scanning Massage Chairs
ApplicationFull Body
FunctionMusical Function, Wireless Remote Control
FeatureZero Gravity System
Massage ModesShiatsu Massage Kneading Tapping Heating
Massage TechniquesKeading Tapping Shiatsu Trembling Knocking
Air Pressure MassageWavelike
PropertiesAutomatic Classic Massage Chair

Details of Massage Chair WJ-ET-10

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Our massage chairs are suitable for people of all ages, especially those who sit or stand for long periods of time. For office white-collar workers, drivers, housewives, the elderly and other groups, it is very necessary and beneficial to have a massage chair.